What can an after-sales service partnership do for your printer manufacturer business?

Work with us, and we’ll help you deliver high-quality and reliable after-sales services, including planned preventative maintenance and emergency remote and onsite support for printing press breakdowns.

You don’t need to expand your after-sales services footprint and increase staff. An after-sales service partnership with us reduces your overheads and costs.

With Veritek as part of your after-sales support network, your customers can meet tight printing deadlines and maximise productivity.

Better still, you can enhance your customers’ satisfaction.

Your after-sales service partnership options include:

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How a field engineering service partnership enhances your customers' satisfaction

Our core values of partnership, trust and accountability drive every decision and interaction with our partners and their customers. Industrial printing presses are often subjected to heavy use, leading to wear and tear on parts. With Veritek as part of your after-sales services support network...

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You can expect:

Ensure optimal printing performance

We can help you deliver your preventative maintenance programme to ensure your customers’ industrial printing presses always operate at their best. Moreover, your customers can deliver the highest level of print quality while minimising downtime and maximising productivity.

Ensure printing machinery reliability

When we deliver your regular maintenance, we’ll identify potential problems early on, preventing them from becoming larger and more costly in terms of time and money. Moreover, we’ll reduce the risk of unexpected industrial printing press failure and downtime.

But that’s not all. When your customer requires a repair, our fast-acting remote support helpdesk and onsite field engineers minimise downtime and quickly get printing presses back in good working order.

Extend the life of printing press machinery

By identifying and addressing potential issues early on, our OEM-trained technicians keep your customers’ printing presses in good condition, preventing the need for premature replacement.

Reduce the cost of ownership

By preventing downtime and extending printing presses’ lifespans, our OEM-trained technicians can help your customers avoid costly repairs and replacements.

Deliver a positive customer experience

You can expect Veritek’s field engineers to uphold your brand values and work hard to position themselves as an extension of your team.

Your service level agreement will include:

  • Customer service desk support

    Your customers can collaborate with your field service partner with ease. Veritek’s customer service desk support provides:

    Multi-lingual technical support helpline: Prioritises urgent printer issues to ensure we respond promptly.
    Customer services: We keep all relevant stakeholders updated during the job cycle, thus reducing calls to the OEM.
    Job logging: Provides you with greater accountability.
    Job management: We route jobs to engineers best suited to handle them.
    Reporting: We track metrics important to your goals and identify customer trends.

  • First-line remote engineering assistance

    We minimise industrial printing press and customer downtime and speed up the time to resolve issues: Your customers can expect:

    • Immediate response to customer issues from OEM-trained printing press specialists
    • Expert printing press engineers with strong communication skills

  • Second-line onsite field engineering services

    You can expect Veritek’s OEM-trained printing press machinery field engineers to assist you with:

  • Third-line expert OEM support

    If our remote support and onsite printing press machinery field engineers cannot resolve a complex issue, we’ll escalate the support call to the manufacturer, who can refer to the equipment design or specifications to resolve the issue.

  • Refurbishment

    We can help you (the OEM) to extend the life of your equipment and achieve sustainability targets with refurbishment services that include:

    • Inspection and evaluation: A thorough examination of the press to determine its current condition and identify any issues that need to be addressed.
    • Disassembly: To enable each component to be individually evaluated, repaired or replaced.
    • Cleaning: We’ll clean all parts to remove accumulated dirt or debris.
    • Repair or replacement of parts: We’ll repair or replace worn or damaged parts as necessary.
    • Reassembly: With the repaired or replaced parts.
    • Testing: To ensure the refurbished press functions properly and meets the required quality standards.
    • Maintenance: After the refurbishment process is complete, we’ll schedule regular maintenance and cleaning to keep the press in good working condition.
  • Parts & logistics

    Easily store, track and organise parts and resources. At the same time, maximise efficiency.

  • Examples of printing press machinery Veritek maintains and supports

    • Prepress
    • Digital inkjet printers, including dye sublimination printers
    • Flexography
    • Lithographic
    • Large format
    • 3D printers
    • Finishing equipment
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Strategic reasons why printer manufacturers partner with Veritek

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We keep pace with industrial printing technology trends

You can expect us to sustain your printing press machinery’s quality, availability and lifespan, so that your customers can always meet tight deadlines, maximise productivity and maintain customer relationships.

Wide geographical reach

Our strong presence in Europe and close network of contacts worldwide means you can scale your after-sales services teams when needed.

Screen printing press | Maintenance and repair services | Veritek
3D printer | Maintenance and repair services | Veritek

Reliable partner for mission-critical industrial printing technology

If sales growth or competing challenges put pressure on delivering after-sales support, know that Veritek can supplement your team to provide installation support, routine maintenance and fast response.

OEM-certified field engineers

Our printing press field engineers work with meticulous attention to detail and relish continual learning. Each field engineer is OEM-certified and has expertise in:

  • Multiple projector brands
  • Electronic / IT solutions
  • Mechanical solutions
  • A combination of these technologies

Flexible and adaptable service level agreements

Enter into a SLA with us and you can call upon Veritek’s printing press engineers at short notice for unplanned or time-limited projects, making an after-sales service partnership the cost-effective choice.

Free up in-house engineers’ time

Need to divert resources to a high-priority project? No problem. We can boost your in-house service capacity when you need us to.

Fast access to printing press maintenance expertise

Your Service Level Agreement will include SLAs for response times.

Flexography printing press | Maintenance and repair services | Veritek
Inkjet printing press | Maintenance and repair services | Veritek

Service exclusive

We don’t sell products. We don’t sell equipment. We don’t compete with your sales channels. Consider us an extension of your team.
The numbers that tell our story

Customer calls handled: 130178
Jobs completed: 99459
Field support visits: 56225
Customer satisfaction rate 95%

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Our company

Veritek has 35+ years of experience in delivering engineering partnership support.

Over the last 15 years, we have significantly grown our printing press engineering support for printer manufacturers resulting in significant long-term partnerships.

Our customer base ranges from SMEs to well-established corporate print manufacturers.

Compliance and security

ISO9001, Cyber Essentials and Eco Vadis Silver Medal for Sustainability

ISO9001 Compliance Logo
EcoVadis 2023 Silver Sustainability Rating
Compliance logo
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Examples of clients we work with

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Read our case studies

How Veritek helped HP to rollout a time-critical upgrade

Veritek provides HP Latex printer support across 26 countries

How Veritek helped HP to roll out a time-critical upgrade to HP Latex 3000 industrial printers located in 26 countries across Europe, the Middle East & Africa

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How Veritek supported Epson with after-sales services in line with the company's fast sales growth.

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Our setup process

  • Step one:
    Understand what you’re trying to achieve

    First off, we’ll determine where you are now:

    • Situation analysis
    • Your challenges & needs
    • Initial sharing of data
    • Veritek prepares and presents a support solution
  • Step two:
    Determine steps to achieve your goals

    After that, we’ll work with you to understand:

    • Skills requirements
    • How your requirements match with Veritek engineer competence levels
    • Project scoping
    • Veritek prepares and submits an indicative commercial offer
  • Step three:
    We’ll submit our proposal

    Once you have agreed to our offer in principle, we’ll:

    • Conduct due diligence
    • Define your service level agreement
    • Submit our final commercial offer
    • Prepare the contractual documentation
  • Step four:
    We’ll put your service level agreement into action

    Finally, to get your service level agreement up and running, we’ll

    • Establish project team
    • Agree on milestones
    • Train our engineers
    • Synchronise data and systems
    • Define procedures
    • Agree on reporting requirements
    • GO LIVE!
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Many factors go into pricing print manufacturer service level agreements, including printing machinery complexity, required scope, locations, etc.

So get in touch with us for a custom proposal.

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We would love to hear about your print manufacturing business and after-sales service goals.

Researching options?

This handy datasheet summarises our after-sales services for print manufacturers