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We help OEMs unlock their after-sales service potential

A field engineering service partnership with Veritek empowers OEMs to scale their after-sales service capacity as and when needed.

With Veritek as your service partner, you can confidently rely on our field engineers to maintain your customers' machinery and equipment according to your instructions.

You can expect our electro-mechanical expertise to resolve even the most complex support tickets.

Moreover, you can expect our account managers, dispatch teams and field engineers to enhance your customer experience.

Facts at a glance:

  • Veritek operates from three regional centres across Europe
  • Our customer service team has handled more than 130,000 calls
  • We've completed more than 99,000 jobs
  • Our field engineers have carried out more than 55,000 support visits

6 ways regular maintenance can help prolong equipment life

Prolonging equipment life with regular maintenance benefits manufacturers by: Generating repeat business Fostering brand loyalty Building a positive reputation Saving costs But most importantly, prolonging equipment life with regular maintenance helps manufacturers achieve sustainability goals by reducing waste and pollution generated by manufacturing and transporting new equipment, conserving natural resources, and reducing energy consumption and […]

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