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8 ways a field engineering service partner benefits cobotic OEMs’ go-to-market strategies


If you’re a Cobotic OEM looking to break into the fast-growing SME market, you’ll know that ease of installation, deployment and maintenance drives the market.

What’s more, an effective sales process makes all the difference to buyers.

Here’s how a field engineering service partner increases your capacity to support a more extensive SME customer base.

Also, I’ll explain how a partnership frees up your highly qualified and knowledgeable engineers’ time to support your go-to-market strategy.

1. A cobotic OEM field engineering service partner aligns with your goals

Let’s get one thing straight. A field engineering service partner need not be a competitor. It simply provides engineering support services.

Put another way. It is in your partner’s interest to see you scale quickly and achieve your growth goals.

2. Avoids the headcount cost of extending the after-sales service for the SME market

Your engineers are valued assets. They have deep knowledge and understanding of your technology. So you’ll want them to support your sales process.

In particular, you’ll want them involved in pre-sales, demonstrating proof of concept, supporting the installation, and acting as trusted advisors.

A field engineering service partner frees up your engineers’ time by extending your capacity to provide engineering support.

To explain, your partner will take care of ongoing service commitments while you concentrate on your go-to-market strategy.

3. Gives cobotic OEMs the ability to reach a large number of smaller customers

In contrast to supporting large enterprise customers, you need to be prepared to extend your geographical reach when you target SMEs.

A field engineering service partner lets you deploy field service engineers to SME customers wherever and whenever needed.

Consequently, you’ll reduce stress on existing systems and processes.

4. Ensures service is affordable and accessible for your new SME market

More often than not, SMEs cannot justify the cost of employing a fully trained service engineer to look after a single cobot. Or, indeed, the regular exposure to fault diagnosis and repair.

But at the same time, they’ll demand high availability and uptime from their cobots.

When you partner with a field engineering service partner, they’ll have the capacity and processes to deploy field service engineers cost-effectively.

Consequently, potential SME customers will find the cost of ownership of a cobot even more attractive.

5. Helps cobotic OEMs deliver a consistent customer experience

Because cobots are productivity-enhancing tools, your customers rely on them to deliver consistent value to their businesses.

A field engineering support partner ensures your cobots maintain peak performance and always work with maximum efficiency.

As a result, you can expect customer satisfaction.

6. Protects your brand and reputation

Your customers choose to buy from you because of your quality and precision engineering.

For this reason, you would expect to train your field engineering service partners to the same standards as your engineers.

When they understand your products’ unique capabilities and parts, you can have confidence in the knowledge they’ll protect your business reputation and brand.

7. A field engineering service partner integrates into your system workflow

To get maximum value from your field engineering service partner, think of your partner as an extension of your team.

At the outset of your working relationship, agree on milestones and information flow and define processes and reporting procedures.

As a result, you’ll find access to a global field engineer talent pool enhances your productivity and efficiency while at the same time reducing worries about implementing a go-to-market strategy.

8. Ensures your continued growth

Businesses that put customer satisfaction first drive loyalty and recommendations. In turn, loyalty and recommendations drive trust. For an OEM, working with a trusted field engineering service partner translates into increased revenue.

Final thoughts

The market for cobots is the fastest growing in the robotics sector. And it is the rapid adoption of cobots by SMEs fuelling demand.

The potential for OEMs entering the SME market is only limited by the resource needed to install, deploy and maintain Cobots.

A field engineering service partner can help OEMs achieve long-term exponential growth.

OEMs that invest in field engineering service partners free up expert engineering resources, expand service capability and enhance customer experience.

What could be more important for a go-to-market strategy?

Learn more about how Veritek Global supports Cobot OEMs to break into SME markets with field engineering support.

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