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How PPM benefits the environment and helps fuels OEMs’ growth


More businesses than ever are concerned about the environmental impact of buying equipment. Planned preventative maintenance (PPM) benefits the environment by helping OEMs reduce fuel emissions, increase cobot lifespans and recycle cobots when they reach the end of their useful lives.

Working with a field engineering service partner makes scheduling and carrying out PPM easy.

Here’s how this works:

Installation: Field engineering service partners reduce time spent on the road

Once you’ve delivered a cobot to your customer, a field engineering service partner such as Veritek will dispatch technicians closest to your customer’s location to manage the installation.

The benefit to you is a reduction in fuel emissions.

Maintenance: Field engineering service partners reduce the carbon footprint associated with planned preventative maintenance

Planned preventative maintenance (PPM) is critical for maximising the lifespan of a product, but for OEMs, there is an opportunity cost because PPM consumes time and headcount in practice.

Working with a field engineering service partner takes the burden of PPM off OEMs. Simply tell us your schedule, and a field engineering service partner will dispatch local engineers to your customers to implement your plan.

What’s more, consider this. A field engineering service partner such as Veritek works with multiple OEMs in a given area. With this in mind, if you let your PPM job share a ride with other engineering calls, a single engineer can take multiple journeys off the road.

Planned preventative maintenance lengthens cobot lifespans

PPM reduces downtime and ensures cobot assets operate at maximum efficiency. Also, it reduces the risk of mechanical degradation and failure.

Repair services keep cobots in service longer

Things don’t always go to plan. Sometimes cobots need corrective or reactive maintenance.

In addition to reducing downtime and getting your customer up and running quickly, corrective and reactive maintenance have environmental benefits as they increase cobots’ lifespans.

Recycling your cobot

All good things come to an end.

When a cobot reaches the end of its life and it’s time to remove and replace it, critical to achieving your goals is having a recycling strategy in place.

A field engineering service partner can give you confidence that your products have been recycled in the most environmentally and compliant way.

Bonus benefit: Field engineering service partners help OEMs reap the benefits of a sustainable supply chain

When looking for a field engineering service partner, know you can choose one with proven green credentials.

EcoVadis is the world’s largest and most trusted provider of business sustainability ratings. Search their directory, and you’ll find that a field engineering service partner such as Veritek is a bronze EcoVardis certificate holder.

To sum up

OEMs face increasing pressure to prove their green credentials.

Those OEMs that focus on efficiency throughout the supply chain have the best chances of achieving a sustainable future.

The good news is that proving your green credentials need not be detrimental to business growth.

Conversely, your choices send powerful signals to customers and drive up value.

Working with a field engineering service partner helps OEMs reduce their carbon footprint.

From installation to maintenance, repair and recycling, your service partner will make meeting environmental targets easier to manage than you think.

Learn more about how Veritek Global supports Cobot OEMs to break into SME markets with field engineering support.