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The robotics industry is thriving

Automated and robotic solutions are supporting human teams to deliver levels of efficiency and cobotics-led collaboration previously thought impossible.

But as cobotic solutions create new opportunities for you to reach a larger customer base, you must also consider how you'll maintain and service them.

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Robotics is evolving. OEMs increasingly need to ensure a more diverse, dispersed customer base has access to expert service support no matter the deployment's scale.

Our infographic shows you why emerging trends in the robotics industry, including the rise of cobotics, make a dedicated service partnership key to growth.

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Where quality meets efficiency

Leading OEMs across Europe trust Veritek's agile service partner support. We've been deploying our electro-mechanical expertise in the maintenance sector for 35 years. Our knowledge and expertise make us a perfect fit for servicing robotic equipment.

You can integrate our highly trained engineers seamlessly alongside in-house teams to deliver outstanding service. And maintain your reputation in the evolving robotics landscape by scaling up and augmenting existing engineering teams.

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Expertise at your door

You can consider us your single point of contact for skilled technical maintenance support. Our network of engineers spans across Europe, so we can get the right technician to your customers with minimal delay, reducing the risk of large travel expenses. We also offer multilingual technical support for remote resolution and diagnostic solutions that get operations up and running again fast in the case of issues.

And our European presence includes repair centres in the UK and Germany, giving you the full range of choices; from remote support, back-to-base repair or exchange units, to field repair that maximises your customers’ uptime.

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How you excel with Veritek

  • Deploy cobotics solutions with confidence and expand your customer base without any concerns around service.
  • Maximise your number of potential clients and remove the higher cost to serve on cobotics equipment.
  • Empower your customers to take full advantage of the benefits of robotics with scalable, reliable maintenance support.
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