Digital cinemaCase Study

An international leader and pioneer in cinematic motion technology needed a partner to provide fast, specialist repairs on-call in the UK, with minimal contract and financial commitments.


Key Points

  • As D-BOX could resolve most technical issues remotely, it required specialist support on an ad hoc, on-call basis.
  • Veritek agreed to provide rapid on-site support with no monthly fees, providing a reliable solution with minimal contractual and financial commitments.
  • D-BOX is simply charged for parts and labour on a per-call basis.
  • Due to Veritek’s expertise and experience in similar technologies, no face-to-face training was required, allowing a seamless and cost-effective transfer.
  • Veritek engineers carry out modifications or upgrades on a per-site basis


As a Canadian-based pioneer and world leader in immersive cinematic motion, D-BOX technologies has redefined the movie-going experience through the mastery of motion. The D-BOX trademark motion system combines innovative technology, ultra-comfort and proven reliability to deliver an enhanced movie-going experience that turns precision motion into pure emotion. With leading theatre chains across the UK introducing the D-BOX motion experience to their cinemas, D-BOX sought a local technical support partner.

As D-BOX can resolve the majority of technical issues remotely, they sought a provider of fast, flexible and expert on-call support on an ad-hoc basis – with minimal contractual and financial commitment and maximum cost effectiveness.


With an existing network of specialist technical engineers across the UK, Veritek was perfectly placed to provide an ad-hoc on-call repair service with no monthly charges or contractual commitments. 

Veritek technical engineers are highly experienced in motion technology due to support relationships with leading players in the ophthalmic industry. As a result, D-BOX only had to provide manuals and specifications, with no additional costs for face-to-face training. At all times, Veritek engineers can escalate queries through D-BOX channels.


All UK breakdowns which cannot be resolved remotely are attended promptly by Veritek engineers. Close communication and collaboration with D-BOX head office support team ensures that all parts are delivered to the site in advance, while engineer site visits are timed around each cinema’s programs to provide minimal disruption. 

On completion of works, Veritek remove any unwanted parts and arrange their return to D-BOX’s Canadian headquarters. 

When required, Veritek engineers also carry out modifications or upgrades to seats on a per-site basis. 

All works are charged per visit, with no ongoing financial retainer, providing D-BOX with a reliable, fast and specialist UK support network that provides maximum flexibility with minimal costs.

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