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Barco achieves excellent warranty and repair service with Veritek

Key Points

  • Veritek set up a dedicated support line and back-to-base centre to ensure Barco’s UK customers receive a fast, tailored and world-class repair service  
  • Repair Centre Technicians annually attend the Barco University to maintain the highest levels of expertise and experience in Barco’s entire product range 
  • Customers receive regular feedback and progress reports, while all warranty repairs are reported into the Barco management portal.
  • Veritek additionally works closely with Barco on new products to give accurate diagnostics and feedback on warranty repairs
  • Veritek’s excellent support for aging equipment ensures that Barco customers in the UK can utilise their older equipment for longer


Barco is a market leading manufacturer of high specification projectors, relied on by theatres, museums and musical events, high-end home cinemas, civil aviation and racing teams, and battlefield and golf simulations.

Each year Barco’s new product support base increases, while its legacy stock continues to demand seamless support to guarantee the high levels of reliability, Barco equipment is known for the world over.

To maintain its reputation of exceptional quality equipment, Barco sought a technical support partner in the UK capable of meeting its exacting standards. 

Veritek was chosen to provide Barco’s UK distributors and end users, with seamless warranty and non-warranty support solutions.


A full end-to-end system was established, to ensure a world-class standard technical support and customer service to Barco customers.

Barco’s dedicated customer support and helpdesk team is based out of Veritek’s UK headquarters, the helpline fields calls from all Barco UK customers, managing logistics for all back to base repairs.

Customers are guaranteed a fast service as projectors are speedily diagnosed and repaired at Veritek’s back to base repair facilities, before being returned to the customer. Throughout the process, customers receive comprehensive feedback and progress reports.


Veritek provide full repair services for Barco, its distributors and all customers, using Veritek’s high specification back -to-base repair facilities. 

Our fully tailored customer service ensures that no matter what the setting or the equipment, each customer’s unique needs and requirements are identified and met, fast. 

In addition to their existing skills and expertise, all Repair Centre Technicians receive comprehensive training each year at Barco University, to ensure they have the required expertise on even the most cutting edge of Barco’s product range. 

All warranty repairs are reported into Barco’s management portal, and Veritek also works closely with Barco on new products to give accurate diagnostics and feedback on repairs required.  Our high levels of care ensure that Barco equipment keeps running smoothly, during the warranty period and for years beyond.

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