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HP’s Official Partner for European ‘Scitex’ Support


Great way to start 2019; with Veritek now being HP’s official partner throughout Europe to supply genuine HP Spare Parts, direct on-site field service support and remote support to customers with HP Large Format Industrial (HP Scitex) XL & XP2 series presses:

  •  XLjet
  •  XL1200
  • XL1500
  •  XP2100
  •   XP2300
  •   XP2500
  •   Expedio 3m

We offer both a Support Contract or Pay As You Go (PAYG) options and can ship Spare Parts worldwide.

For customers in Europe, please contact us as below:

English speaking customers call 0844 335 8003

Spanish and Portuguese speaking customers call +34 91 708 15 159

 Italian speaking customers call +39 0119196258

German and any other Country its +49 2154 81451 14

Call us now to discuss your needs

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