Supporto tecnico al cinema digitale

In qualità di partner di assistenza tecnica per marchi come Barco, Christie, GDC Technology e Sony, Veritek ha una grande esperienza nel garantire la funzionalità e la manutenzione dei più avanzati sistemi di proiezione, audio e automazione del cinema digitale in Europa.

In tutta Europa, oltre 2.500 cinema digitali funzionano senza problemi grazie ai servizi di manutenzione e riparazione, veloci e affidabili di Veritek, con soluzioni rapide in tutta Europa, coordinate attraverso il nostro Centro operativo (NOC), multilingue.

Con una rete internazionale di tecnici addestrati dal produttore, Veritek offre soluzioni qualificate di manutenzione preventiva, supporto per guasti nello stesso giorno e può inoltre gestire le più grandi installazioni e/o aggiornamenti del cinema digitale internazionale.

Ciò significa che puoi fidarti dell’esperienza di Veritek in questo settore energico e in rapida evoluzione.




  • Series 1 and 2 DLP Digital Cinema Projectors
  • SXRD Digital Cinema Projectors
  • DCI spec servers, including Integrated Media Blocks
  • Rack mounted TMS servers
  • Rack mounted enterprise hardware and network switches
  • Uninterruptable Power Supplies
  • Projector and TMS installation



Veritek offre:

  • 24/7 disponibilità di helpdesk telefonico
  • Central Network Operation Centre (NOC)
  • Riparazioni in giornata
  • Personale tecnico multilingua in tutta Europa
  • Tecnici formati dai produttori
  • Aggiornamenti
  • Assistenza via remoto
  • Pianificazione manutenzioni preventive
  • Assistenza on-site
  • Contratti di asssitenza
  • Copertura estesa per Network Operation Centre (NOC)



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Come abbiamo aiutato i nostri clienti

Veritek provides full repair services for Barco, its distributors and its UK customers, using Veritek’s high specification back-to-base repair facilities.

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As a Canadian-based pioneer and world leader in immersive cinematic motion, D-BOX technologies has redefined the movie-going experience through the mastery of motion.

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  • With Veritek we have one point of contact for large teams of highly skilled engineers across Europe – they are very easy to do business with and have grown to be an important service support to our graphics markets. Repeatedly, Veritek has demonstrated its flexibility and adaptability in terms of servicing a wide array of graphics presses, managing peaks in demand efficiently while also offering value for money.

    Alberto Pedreno
    EMEA GSS Operational Development Manager, HP Graphics
  • The case for partnering with Veritek was compelling given their UK wide number of engineers and support infrastructure, all aimed at delivering faster responses and enhanced customer satisfaction whilst offering value for money. The project management has been exceptional, particularly in the area of significant volumes of ophthalmic equipment installation.

    Andrew Yorke
    Head of UK Business, Topcon
  • Our key aim was to provide a uniform, effective and efficient service to all our digital cinema customers across Europe - we chose Veritek for its expertise and geographical coverage. Through Veritek we provide a pan-European, multilingual NOC (helpdesk) with pro-active monitoring, remote resolution and helpdesk support across all Sony Digital Cinema 4k installations in Europe, on-site support for Sony screens, preventative maintenance anda reliable break/fix service.

    David Mcintosh
    Vice President, Sony Digital Cinema 4K Solutions for Europe and the America
  • Veritek was selected for the quality of its NOC and on-site support services, along with its track record of non-competing services which achieves near 100% SLA adherence. We have trained Veritek engineers to the same high standards as GDC’s engineering teams to ensure our industry-leading hardware and software solutions - coupled with our own direct service delivery fulfilled by Veritek’s service and support - offer exhibitors a complete solution, simplifying operations and enhancing the customer experience.

    Dr. Chong - Founder,
    Chairman and CEO, GDC Technology Ltd
  • By providing a first class repair facility for warranty and non-warranty projectors; Veritek adds even more value to our customers over the long life of their Barco product

    Colin Dunne
    Customer Care Manager Barco UK & Ireland
  • Fujifilm have worked with Veritek for many years as its preferred ‘outsource’ provider for the installation and maintenance of the company’s range of Photo equipment. We trust our Veritek engineers to carry out warranty work on our behalf to exacting standards. Veritek will always be at the forefront of service as they keep a keen eye on all technical support developments. We're delighted to have them as a working partner.

    David Honey
    Director, Fujifilm
  • In September 2014 we embarked on the biggest upgrade of Photographic equipment for over 15 years - a complex multi layered project, it involved the removal and installation of approx. 3000 kiosks in around 900 stores. At all times Veritek demonstrated an amazing level of flexibility and their whole team demonstrated an exceptional level of technical knowledge, and operated with a totally professional approach. The result achieved was beyond our expectation.

    Keir Jones
    Category Manager, Boots

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