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Dyson hand dryer repairs and warranty support from Veritek

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  • Dyson is hugely protective of its brand and reputation for standards and excellence  
  • Full bench repair and back to base service for Dyson products under warranty
  • Veritek’s specialist technical engineers are trained and accredited by Dyson


As one of the world’s most progressive product design and technology companies, Dyson is hugely protective of its excellent global brand reputation. 

The company was seeking a technical support and maintenance partner to provide a full bench repair and ‘back to base’ service for Dyson products under warranty throughout Italy, which would offer gold-standard support for everyone of its customer. 


Veritek and Dyson worked together to identify the company’s requirements and their customer’s needs. 

Our network of highly skilled and trained technical engineers worked with Dyson on an OEM training and accreditation programme to work on Dyson’s warranty products, and demonstrated that the Veritek service met Dyson’s highly demanding needs. 

A flexible technical support network was set up across Italy, focusing on Dyson’s core products of vacuum cleaners and Airblade hand dryers to ensure the smooth provision of a all necessary parts and the operation of reliable supply chains.


Veritek offers a comprehensive network of installation services across Italy, along with a flexible, fast response national break and fix service for Airblade products.

Veritek’s bench work repair service for Dyson vacuum cleaner products has demonstrated clear efficiencies and benefits to Dyson in terms of time and cost. 

The fast turnaround and professionalism achieved by the Veritek team has successfully maintained and enhanced the Dyson brand, fully meeting their needs.

Dyson states that it is delighted with its ongoing relationship with Veritek.

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