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Veritek provides HP Latex printer support across 26 countries


  • Each printer required approximately 16 hours worth of modifications and upgrades. 
  • Modifications were required to 187 HP printers at sites across 26 countries. Seven OEM trained Veritek engineers completed all modifications within six months, on time and in budget.  
  • Seven Veritek engineers received eight days of comprehensive OEM training at HP’s training centre in Barcelona.
  • Veritek set up a dedicated team in Germany to oversee the international logistics of the rollout, liasing with HP, engineers and end users.  
  • Customer satisfaction feedback was so high it exceeded HP’s target for the project and led to HP additionally recruiting Veritek to train its distributors.


HP are a market-leading presence within the global printing and graphics industry, and their latex printers are used globally, often running 24 hours a day in busy print houses. 

When HP wished to rollout an important and time-critical upgrade to all HP Latex 3000 printers in use across Europe, the Middle East and Africa, they sought an international support partner with the global reach and expertise to meet this demanding challenge. Veritek was the perfect choice.  

Each printer would be upgraded with all improvements and modifications that had evolved in the three years since its introduction, to ensure they were at the highest possible specification.

The project, to be completed within 6 months, spanned 26 countries, involved 7 engineers and 187 HP printers.


Each modification took on average 16 hours, and included installation and replacement of several hardware components, and updating printer firmware and software. 

To ensure the smooth rollout of this large international project, a team of planners was established in Veritek’s German office to oversee all logistics and communications between sites, engineers, HP and end users. Seven Veritek engineers underwent eight days of comprehensive training at HP’s Barcelona training centre in preparation. 

For each first site visit, Veritek engineers were paired with HP engineers to ensure a smooth transition. Veritek’s engineers then completed each project to full satisfaction and specification. 

Veritek also provided HP with detailed reports on the condition of each machine, providing crucial data to HP and to each end user.


The required modifications were completed successfully to all 187 printers within the designated six months timescale and within budget, while meeting HP’s extremely high standards. 

Customer feedback across all regions was so high that Veritek’s Total Customer Experience (TCE) score exceeded HP’s target.

Due to the success of this project, HP have now tasked Veritek with providing full training to all distributors. 

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