OptometryCase Study

Topcon Case Study


  • Working closely with Topcon, all UK-wide Veritek technical engineers received comprehensive training in all Topcon specialist ophthalmic products
  • A seamless transfer of existing customers was managed, with Veritek and Topcon teams working closely at all stages of the process
  • Veritek completed all 600 ophthalmic modifications within the required three month timescale, to the precise specifications required
  • Customers receive enhanced technical support with faster response times – while Topcon receives great value for money from Veritek.
  • Veritek now runs monthly customer satisfaction surveys for Topcon, ensuring all necessary outcomes are acted upon and that customer satisfaction remains high.



Renowned ophthalmic technology providers Topcon had doubled their sales in four years and to service this fast growth in demand, they sought a technical service and support partner to maintain their exceptional customer service and rapid response to customer needs.

Existing customers – such as Boots Opticians – required a seamless transfer to the new system, and Topcon additionally required highly specialist modifications to 600 pieces of ophthalmic equipment in opticians across the UK, to be completed within three months.



Veritek created the long-term strategy and support infrastructure across the UK required to ensure a seamless transition to Veritek support, working closely with Topcon’s technical services staff. A detailed analysis was carried out to ensure every aspect of the transfer was planned and prepared in advance, and Veritek’s technical engineers received full training in all Topcon technologies.

A full supply chain was established in advance. For consistency, the previous contact number and servicing costs were maintained as Veritek took over both planned and reactive field-related activities, call handling and remote support via a 24/7 capable helpdesk.



After a smooth transfer process, Veritek provided Topcon’s UK-wide customers with faster responses and enhanced customer service, while offering value for money to Topcon. In addition the UK-wide upgrade/install project was delivered within three months, with all equipment modified to the precise specifications required.

According to Topcon ‘training and support has been at the core of our relationship with Veritek. The synergy between our two companies has become closely aligned – we’ve developed a strong working relationship of mutual trust and respect.’

Now Veritek operates monthly customer satisfaction surveys for Topcon, ensuring that necessary outcomes are acted upon. Topcon describe this service as ‘seamless.’


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