Technology moves on, however, older valuable equipment still needs first class support. We help manufacturers focus their valuable and often expensive engineers on their latest product lines by supporting the legacy equipment base.

Instead of continually hiring more engineers to support an ever expanding portfolio of equipment, Veritek allows manufacturers to promote existing engineers to support the ‘latest and greatest’ equipment. While Veritek’s lower cost solution can provide support to the manufacturer’s important customer base with ageing equipment.

The engineering payroll overhead is capped and Veritek is used offering a variable cost model with the manufacturer only paying for what they need.

OEM’s can focus on developing and driving future business, secure in the knowledge that Veritek will ensure top quality service delivery to end users of legacy products.


Whatever the task, from a standard site visit to full-blown roll-out, Veritek can provide the full service, I would have no hesitation in recommending them as a key service supplier.

Phil Thompson, Asda